Easy KimChi Stew with Canned Mackerel Pike 김치 꽁치찜

Hubby and I absolutely love this kimchi stew…I made it countless times…It is most easy to make yet most delicious.  It is so good we finish eating the whole thing every time.  We never end up with any leftovers. 😀

When the Kimchi gets ripe, it’s perfect time to make Kimchi stew. To make this stew, simply add a whole can of mackerel pike with Kimchi.

Today’s Recipe

1 large  poki kimchi

1/2 cup kimchi liquid(김치 국물)

1 can Korean marinated mackerel pike in broth

1/2 package tofu,sliced

2 green onions, cut into 2-in pieces

1 red Jalapeno pepper

1 green jalapeno pepper

sea salt to taste.

Pacific Saury / Markerel Pike

Drain and reserve broth.

Slice tofu, green onions and peppers.

Cut out the hard stem of Kimchi and place the rest in a large stew pot.( you can also cut into bite size if you prefer)

In a large pot add kimchi

Place canned fish/꽁치

and tofu slices and green onion slices & pepper.

;add the broth and kimchi liquid.

Bring to a boil and reduce the heat to low. Simmer for 20 minutes.

Taste and correct the seasonings with salt if needed.

That’s it! It’s ready to eat…

Sprinkle additional green onion slices. Serve in large soup bowls.

This is how I like to eat this dish…take a kimchi leaf,

place tofu on the top,

then the fish…

roll and eat~~ it’s so yummy….. I crave this stew all the time (at least once month!!)

Happy Eating~ Enjoy:)

If you can’t find canned mackerel pike… canned tuna works well… here is a couple of photos.

This stew cooked with canned tuna….

Quick, easy and tasty.  Just cook everything together and just add sliced green onions last.

4 thoughts on “Easy KimChi Stew with Canned Mackerel Pike 김치 꽁치찜

  1. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for visiting… I use regular canned tuna when I don’t have any Korean Mackerel Pike. I recently made a stew with it and updated a couple of photos today.

    I haven’t use any of other fish yet..however, sardines is something i have in mine.

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