Angry Bird Lunch Box

Lately Zachary is into Angry Birds…. and this lunch box is for him. :)

Today I made an angry bird lunch box for Zach’s field trip tomorrow… However, I realized that his class will take public transit and be doing lot of walking.  It will likely not keep shape until lunch time.  Zachary and I decided to eat it up now.  Instead, I made regular kimbap lunch for his field trip.

I had a fun time making the box… ^^^….First I looked up some images online.

Yellow angry bird.

I mixed rice with left over seasoned kobocha cubes and it turned out perfect! Both color and seasoning wise.  I also thought about using curry powder or squash puree.

Angry bird  lunch box( Made  three rice balls)

1 cup cooked rice

about 1/4 cup cooked & seasoned kabocha squash cube (I think you can also used squash puree or curry powder)

1 sheet of seaweed

1/8 small carrot, thinly sliced

1/2 slice American cheese

1/2 slice Swiss cheese

1 slice salami

Gently Mix squash and rice together; season with salt. (I wasn’t sure squash would work … so didn’t take any photos at the beginning )

On a triangle rice ball shaper, add rice, then topper and press firmly.

Remove rice from the shaper.

W0w~~ loved its color!!!! 😀

With carrot slices make eye brows and lips, cut out eyes with Swiss cheese ; cut out hair with seaweed.

Yay~ it’s done!!!

Zachary was so happy with the Yellow Bird~~~^^“`

For black bird,,,   I based it on Zachary’s beanie hat. Zachary’s favorite Angry Bird.

Make a circle shaped rice ball with your hands.

Cover with seaweed.

Cut out the eye brows with salami, the eyes with Swiss cheese and American cheese for the mouth.


It was fairly easy and fun to make these cute birds… I had a fun time making them and Zachary had a fun time eating them.


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