Lunch Boxes December 2012

Quickly posting Kids’ lunch boxes I packed in December.

It was a wet and cold month…..due to the finals and winter break, I only needed to pack lunches for two weeks.

Fried rice with eggs and carrots for Sheena.

Light creamy pasta with broccoli and carrots & baked chicken breast.

Zachary’s Lunch

Three lunch boxes

I call this ~ Bibimbap lunch box.~Boys love it very much! :)

This lunch box consisted of bibimbap ingredients that would not spoil easily. Kids like kongnamul, but I don’t put any in their lunch boxes though. Kongnamul is one of namul that spoils really fast.

Although weather is cold, the kids do have to carry their lunches in their backpack all day in warm classrooms. Thus there is a chance of spoiling. It would be terrible to open up a spoiled lunch box. ^^

I also don’t add any garlic in the namul and meat in the bibimbap lunch box… garlic is great but smell wont be great when kids open their lunch box among their friends during lunch time. :)

This is how I prepared the lunch box.


Lightly saute rice with sesame oil, cool and place in a lunch container. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds. Finely chop beef (easy to eat at school) and season with soy sauce, mirin, sesame seeds and sugar. Cook the beef in a skillet and cool.


Make scrambled eggs and season with salt and pepper. Saute the julienned carrot in a skillet. Cool.

Arrange bibimbap toppings over rice. I arranged the toppings diagonally but it also can be arranged in any way you like.. circularly or vertically etc.

Kids will mix it well before they eating (without kochujang sauce).

Zachary’s box consisted of shredded lettuce, eggs, meat/bulgogi, carrot and lettuce. He came home, told me how much he really loved it. “I used to not like bibimbap but I love it now!” :)  :)

Fried Rice omelet

Sheena’ baked potato strips and fried spaghetti squash

Zachary’s pan fried potato and chicken & brownie

Ryan’s home made pizza & baked purple sweet potato.

Sheena’s Simple Sauteed spaghetti with ham and veggies

Apple slices look pretty in the picture….

Zachary’s lunch box

Sheena’s rice balls… when I can’t think of anything or too tired, I always make these rice balls and kids love them.

Sheena’s fried potato wedges

Ryan’s chicken Kkanpongki and baked purple sweet potato chips

Bolgoki rice balls….boys love these rice balls.

Ryan’s Tahini noodles with chicken salad

Spam kimbap

Grilled ham and cheese Sandwich

Eggs, carrots and seaweed rice balls. Sheena’s finals day lunch~

Ryan’s lunch box… Made this on the last day of his finals. Good Job Guys!!!

4 thoughts on “Lunch Boxes December 2012

  1. Hi Kkokko,

    it’s my first day on your blog but definitely not my last one. These boxes are STUNNING!!!! How long does it take you to make them? When do you do it? I LOVE them! They look like boxes full of love – any joy and good food. :-)

    Looking forward to my next visit!

  2. HI Ely,
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment.
    You sound so cute and lovable. Your comment brought a big smile on my face… :) I usually pack kids’ lunches late at night or very early in the morning. Making lunch doesn’t take that much time unless I am making a character theme lunch. However, I try to arrange the food neatly and nicely. Making lunch boxes for my kids is one way I show my love for them. Thanks again Ely!

  3. I guess it sound quite funny, but I think of your lunch boxes a lot… They look like a lot of work. And they look like:

    Love packed in a lunch box.

    I thought whenever I have kids I would love to do that, too. I case I will ever have… I will tell you in 2 years. 😀
    I will come back to you then with all my questions on how to be a good mum including lunch boxes. 😉

    Take care & be blessed… and I LOVE your blog!

  4. Hi Ely,
    Again, you put a BIG ^_________ ^ smile on my face this morning. Thank you!
    Please come back with all your questions in the future and I will answer them as best as I can. Yes, packing lunches is one way to show my love for them and you will be too. However, I can tell already that you’ll be a wonderful mum….One thing I know for sure is that “Being called mom is my greatest blessing.”

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